Great Smoky Mountain CouncilScouting for Food 2014
2014 Scouting for Food
Here you will find all the forms you will need to have a successful Scouting for Food Collection.
Scouting for Food Drive in 2014. This food drive is designed to help support the local food pantries in the 21 counties of the Great Smoky Mountain Council. Each district will coordinate bag distribution and collection through their Scouting for Food Chairperson or their District Committee representatives.
Through a generous donation from Petoskey Plastics in Morristown, TN, there will be printed plastic bags provided for each unit. Bags will be distributed to each district and should be given out at the January Roundtable meeting. We ask that each scout visit 10 homes in the community and distribute bags to them. The scout will then return the next Saturday to collect the food bags.  Each scout should be in uniform and use the buddy system when visiting homes in his neighborhood.
Bag distribution is scheduled for February 1, 2014. Bag pickup and food collection will be on February 8, 2014 from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Collection items can be delivered to a local food pantry, Second Harvest Food Bank in Knoxville, the Scout Service Center in Knoxville, or one of the collection centers in and around the Knoxville area. The list of collection sites will be distributed with the bags at the January Roundtable meeting.
Be sure to fill out the tally sheet for scouts participating and items collected and return it to the Scout Service Center no later than March 1st.
For more information, please contact your district Scouting for Food chairperson, or the Scout
Service Center at 865-588-6514.
CLICK HERE to complete your online Unit Commitment form.
Forms you will need.  Click to print