Dear Scouting Family:
It is once again time for the annual Scouting Popcorn Sale.
There are three types of sales:
**New Mystery House Prize Program**
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Mystery House Clues CLICK HERE

Congratulations to Theo Seay, Pack 226 Oak Ridge and  Joshua Farley, Troop 285 of Maryville for being the first Mystery House Winners! 

Theo selected the Millennium Falcon Lego Set and pictured is Joshua picking up his Eureka Apex 2 backpacking tent! 

Pellissippi District Location #2 and Tuckaleechee Location #4 have been found! Keep selling.


Show and Sell:
This sale is designed to sell popcorn that your unit popcorn chair signs out and picks up at a
district warehouse drop-off point. Then, at a location of your choice you and the boys from your
unit sell the popcorn directly to the public. Suggested locations could include; Grocery Stores,
Malls, Video Stores, or any area with a large number of people. Popcorn from this sale will be
returnable by the full-unopened case only. Please Note: Customers who buy popcorn from this
method usually by the least expensive item. To insure success it’s our recommendation that
you also participate in the Take Order Sale.
Show and Deliver:
This is the best way to increase popcorn sales. The boys in your unit take an order form and
product door to door. The boy sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money
all in one trip.
Take Order Sale: (the most productive of all techniques)
This sale is the most effective way for your unit to raise funds. The boys in your unit take
orders on a form for the different varieties of popcorn and then deliver them to their customers.
The forms are turned in and one unit order is made. Many sales can be made just through
asking relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. The popcorn is picked up by the unit
popcorn kernel and distributed to the boys who made sales.
Money raised during the popcorn sale will be used by your Pack or Troop to maintain and
improve the quality of Scouting Program that you have come to enjoy.
Furthermore, by participating in the Popcorn Sale, your son will have the chance to earn merit
badges, activity badges, and achievements. He will have the opportunity to earn prizes,
camping packages, all while having fun, gaining self-confidence, salesmanship techniques,
and lessons in financial management.
Online-Internet Sales:
Scouts may use the Campmaster website to send email messages/invites to friends and family members to purchase popcorn. See your unit leader for more information.
Besides the Scout prizes and the commission that your pack and/or troop earn, the council will
use their revenue from the popcorn to improve program delivery.
Have your son set a sales goal and "do his best" to achieve it. Don’t be shy, last year 4 out of 5
consumers who were asked, purchased popcorn, and they are sure to want even more this
year. Make sure your son sells with a friend, wears his uniform, smiles, and is polite, say
"Thank You", and do not have him sell after dark unless supervised by an adult.
Good luck on a successful popcorn sale and “Thank You” for your support of the Scouting
Visit CampMaster Popcorn today.
For your convenience here are the printable form needed for you sale.
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