Great Smoky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America
1333 Old Weisgarber Rd
Knoxville TN  37909
865-588-3728 fax
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

 Lisa Adkins    Eastern Registrar   Lisa.Adkins@scouting.org   Ext 118

Jeannie Bommershine   Print Shop/Office Assistant   Jeannie.Boomershine@scouting.org   Ext 135

Derek Brawner   Tuckaleechee District Executive   Derek.Brawner@scouting.org   Ext 134

Nate Cunningham   Director of Field Service   Nathan.Cunningham@scouting.org   Ext 141

Neal Drown    STEM   Neal.Drown@scouting.org   Ext 121

James Gaddis   Unaka District Executive   James.Gaddis@scouting.org   Ext 146

Anthony Ingram   Chehote District Director   Anthony.Ingram@scouting.org   Ext 144

Mark Janeway   Western Field Director   Mark.Janeway@scouting.org   Ext 142

Sharon Muzzall   Accounting Specialist   Sharon.Muzzall@scouting.org  Ext 114

Micah Huffman  Sequoyah District Executive  Micah.Huffman@scouting.org Ext 136 

Aaron Price Pellissippi District Executive  Richard.Price@scouting.org  Ext 112

Karen Paskiewicz   Finance Specialist   Karen.Paskiewicz@scouting.org   Ext 113

Russ Patterson   Cherokee District Executive   Russell.Patterson@scouting.org   Ext 120

Clay Pruitt   Eastern Field Director   Clay.Pruitt@scouting.org   Ext 123

Tracy Slice   Receptionist   Tracy.Slice@scouting.org   Ext 110

Jeff Smith  Cumberland District Executive  Jeffery.Smith@scouting.org  Ext 127

John Tipton   Toqua District Executive   John.Tipton@scouting.org   Ext 124

Bruce Van Cleve   Director of Support Services   Brucea.Vancleve@scouting.org   Ext 119

David Williams   Scout Executive   DavidM.Williams@scouting.org   Ext 111

Jennifer Williams   Program Assistant   Jennifer.Williams@scouting.org   Ext 145

Terry Williams   Catoosa District Executive   Terry.Williams@scouting.org   Ext 128

Melody Wyatt  Executive Assistant   Melody.Wyatt@scouting.org   Ext 138

Sarah Young  Echota District Executive   Sarahy.Young@scouting.org  Ext 129



Toqua                        Sequoyah

    Chehote                    Tuckaleechee

Catoosa                            Echota

Pellissippi                     Cumberland

Unaka                         Cherokee