Great Smoky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America
1333 Old Weisgarber Rd
Knoxville TN  37909
865-588-3728 fax
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

 Lisa Adkins    Eastern Registrar   Ext 118

Jeannie Bommershine   Print Shop/Office Assistant   Ext 135

Derek Brawner   Tuckaleechee District Executive   Ext 134

Nate Cunningham   Director of Field Service   Ext 141

Neal Drown    STEM   Ext 121

James Gaddis   Unaka District Executive   Ext 146

Anthony Ingram   Chehote District Director   Ext 144

Mark Janeway   Western Field Director   Ext 142

Sharon Muzzall   Accounting Specialist  Ext 114

Micah Huffman  Sequoyah District Executive Ext 136 

Aaron Price Pellissippi District Executive  Ext 112

Karen Paskiewicz   Finance Specialist   Ext 113

Russ Patterson   Cherokee District Executive   Ext 120

Clay Pruitt   Eastern Field Director   Ext 123

Tracy Slice   Receptionist   Ext 110

Jeff Smith  Cumberland District Executive  Ext 127

John Tipton   Toqua District Executive   Ext 124

Bruce Van Cleve   Director of Support Services   Ext 119

David Williams   Scout Executive   Ext 111

Jennifer Williams   Program Assistant   Ext 145

Terry Williams   Catoosa District Executive   Ext 128

Melody Wyatt  Executive Assistant   Ext 138

Sarah Young  Echota District Executive  Ext 129



Toqua                        Sequoyah

    Chehote                    Tuckaleechee

Catoosa                            Echota

Pellissippi                     Cumberland

Unaka                         Cherokee